Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Skansen...Stockholm's Open Air Museum (Part II)

Hornborga Cottage

The Främmestad Windmill came from a farm in Västergötland

Hällestad Belfry

Another view of the Hällestad Belfry

Next three photos are the interior of a farm house

Oktorp Farmstead

Skåne Farmstead

Interior courtyard of the Skåne Farmstead

Inside the Farmhouse

Another view of the farm house

Thatched roof shelter for the farm animals

The Village Hall (Folkets Hus) comes from the village of Gersheden in Värmland

Interior of the Village Hall

The Soldier's Cottage, named Säldefall, comes from Småland

Finn Settlement

Another building of the Finn settlement

Brofästet Temperance Hall came from Uppland near Stockholm

Upstairs in the Brofästet Temperance Hall

Another view of the Soldier's Cottage

Vastveit Storehouse

Large Dala Horses

Skogaholm Manor

The next six photos are inside the Skogaholm Manor

This building is a part of the Skogaholm Manor

Small pavilion...Skogaholm Manor

Hazelius Mansion...birthplace of Artur Hazelius the founder of Skansen

The next three photos are inside the Hazelius Mansion

Cobblestone Street

Skansen...Stockholm's Open Air Museum (Part I)

Skansen on Djurgården Island in Stockholm was the first open-air museum in Sweden, it opened in 1891. Artur Hazelius came up with the idea of collecting buildings from every part of Sweden and placing them at Skansen to give people living in the modern world an idea of life in pre-industrial times. Skansen has around 150 buildings set on 75 acres. I spent most of one day there and found it very interesting and it was also a good place for birding.

The Circus Building

This building housed a small grocery on one end and a hardware
store on the other, the old time gas pump is in front of the
hardware store...

The Nordic Museum from Skansen

Looking down at the water and the Mansions on the other side

Öland Windmill

Dala Horses

Yule Goats made of straw

Gamla Krogen means old pub in Swedish

The Menu "Welcome to the Old Pub"

Seglora Church

Inside the Seglora Church

The Oktorp Farmstead

Bredablick Tower

Back of the Seglora Church